Why Is France's Most Beautiful Destinations Paris?


Ah France: There's a reason why nearly 85 million travelers a year vote with their passports to make this country the world's most popular destination.

It's clearly not the indifferent attitudes of some in the French service industry towards their visitors.

Nor is it the frankly disturbing insistence by French swimming pools that men must wear tiny Speedo-style bathing trunks before entering the water.

Instead, it's the food, the art, the architecture and French way of life.

Above all, it's the incredible locations.

To mark Bastille Day, the July 14 holiday when France celebrates the anniversary of its 1789 revolution, we've put together a gallery of some of the country's most beautiful places.

There are, of course, many more than we can possibly include, but c'est la vie.

By Barry Neild and Latifah Al-Hazza

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