Vicky has been treated unfairly by NDC – Murtala

Deputy Information Minister, Murtala Muhammed Ibrahim

A Deputy Information Minister, Murtala Muhammed Ibrahim, has chastised the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its communicators for treating Victoria Hammah unfairly in the wake of the controversial leaked tape.

The deputy minister, who is also the Member of Parliament for Nanton, observed that the party could have treated the sacked deputy minister better than they have done.

Ms Hammah was sacked over a leaked taped on which she was heard making various allegations and comments which embarrassed some persons in government. Speaking on Radio Gold's Alhaji and Alhaji programme Saturday, Murtala Muhammed lamented the treatment meted out to the embattled deputy minister and also vouched for her incorruptibility.

"I think that [as] the NDC and the communicators of this party, we have treated Victoria Hammah unfairly. We have been unfair to this lady; we have been unfair to the lady to the extent that you had communicators of this government and this party who sat on radio or call into radio stations and bastardize this lady."

"I know Victoria Hammah very well ... if there is anybody who I can indeed knock my chest and say is not corrupt, then I should say that Victoria Hammah is not corrupt," the Deputy Information Minister stated.

Murtala Muhammed observed that to the extent that people will bastardize her for allegedly making those statements especially when she has not made any formal comments to either deny or affirm the contents on the tape, "we need to be very careful when we want to crucify this lady because she allegedly made the statement," which was "sadly" recorded by someone.

According to him, the issues Victoria raised in the recording "granted that she made those statements, those issues as far as I am concerned are not issues that we should so much be worried about," because politics is "a business of gossip."

He said the statements made by the former Deputy Minister were naive but added "I have no doubt in my mind that yes they would investigate and nothing will come out of that."

The Member of Parliament for Nanton said, considering the developments, the government and the NDC should rather be commended because they demonstrated the greatest sense of transparency by admitting voices on leaked tapes.

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I don't think so

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I think so, there are more important issues NDC government is not attending too, than this Vicky tape recording saga. with all this suffering at just first year? Ghanaian will surely vote you out Mahama, you can't bribe all, let your friends and family vote for you, 2016

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