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Shared Hosting

Website Hosting Mill

Lonex's unmetered personal website hosting plan costs only $3.95/month. Unlimited disk storage and traffic. 1-Domain hosting with easy to handle domain management instruments.There are different varieties and types of website hosting, depending on the aims and on the objectives.Still, they all are related to hosting files, which, once hosted, are made available throughout the Internet.

Personal Wholesale Web Hosting

Unlimited web space & monthly bandwidth under one personal website hosting account with Lonex - a proven web hosting and domain name registration services provider. Hosting providers are companies that offer disk storage space on a server stored in a datacenter and ensure constant website accessibility.

Brisk Web Hosting

Host unlimited domain names & sites within one business web hosting account with Lonex - a leading web hosting and domain registration provider.A web host is actually a server that is linked to the World Wide Web and has its own IP address, which allows people to gain access to it through the World Wide Web.


VPS cPanel Hosting

Private web servers are dedicated to just one user, therefore, the risk of suspension is highly reduced. The private servers themselves fall under two categories- virtual servers and dedicated hosting servers. The dedicated servers are actual physical machines, while the virtual servers are virtual machines and are the cheaper equivalent of the dedicated web hosting servers.

VPS Hosting Trial

A VPS Hosting Trial. Explore the most advanced and smart hosting/domain management Control Panel available on the VPS market today. It's login-free. A couple of virtual servers are created on a physical machine, utilizing its system resources. Each virtual server performs exactly like a dedicated web server and its system resources are guaranteed, incl. the CPU load, RAM memory and web storage space quotas.

VPS Hosting Pricing

Low-priced Virtual Private Servers with a logical, easy-to-use and modern hosting and domain management interface. The benefit of ordering a virtual private web server is that it is fully independent of the remaining private virtual server hosting accounts on the server. Each private virtual server includes root access, which allows persons to activate any software or script libraries that may be required for some applications to function.

Reseller Hosting

Best Reseller Hosting Providers

Low-set reseller hosting prices. Sell unlimited hosting plans (unmetered space/traffic/domains hosted) and also virtual hosting accounts and dedicated servers, domains and SSLs under your company's brand name. What we consider a classy reseller web hosting business is one that will make more services available to their resellers.

Reseller Web Hosting Packages

Offer unlimited shared hosting plans (unlimited space/traffic/domains hosted), plus VPS, semi dedicated and dedicated hosting packages, domains and certificates under your own reseller DBA name.

Reseller Hosting For Web Designers

Profit-making reseller hosting pricing schemes. Sell domains, digital certificates, VPS servers, dedicated servers and unlimited top reseller hosting plans under your own trade name.

Free Web Hosting

Excellent Free Web Hosting Company

If you are looking for a free web hosting provider, which would be able to deliver excellent uptime and performance, you simply must visit FreeHostia. They offer free hosting with PHP and Perl/CGI support (MySQL as well) and plenty more features. The free web hosting package allows you to host up to 5 websites. There are low-cost premium web hosting plans as well.

Free Linux Hosting

FreeHostia is one of the most popular free Linux hosting providers today. Thanks to the hi-end technology used the uptime and the performance are excellent. With FreeHostia's cluster-based web hosting platform each Linux server performs only specific tasks. There are separate servers for MySQL, e-mail, storage, etc, each optimized specially for the tasks that it handles, which guarantees optimal performance.

Free PHP Web Hosting

Free Hostia is one of these few hosting providers, which deliver absolutely free web hosting with MySQL and PHP, no forced ads and superb uptime and performance. Sign up for the Chocolate plan - FreeHostia's free hosting package, if you want to have it all for free with no hidden costs and no ads.

Domain Names

.COM Domain Name Hosting

The most widely spread domain names in the Net are the dot COM domain names. They are the most preferred gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain) for registration as well. The number of registered COM domain names increases with each day passing. That is why the available combinations for COM domains are decreasing rapidly.

.INFO Domain Name Registrar

As one of the most widely distributed gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains), the .INFO domain name can be purchased directly from an accredited .INFO Domain Registrar (like for example). The company that offers such services is called and is one of the leading ones on the market.

.ORG Domain Registration

.ORG domain name is a very popular gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) and because of that, one of the most widely spread web hosting services in the Web is the .ORG domain registration - starting from $11/year. The service is relatively cheap and is available for every consumer or organization.

Dedicated Servers

Best Dedicated Servers

One of the best dedicated server offers at one of the cheapest prices! Dedicated server hosting is now very popular. A team of professionals is always ready to answer your technical or sales questions, like every other professional web hosting provider should.

Best Managed Dedicated Hosting

Resellers Panel provides several dedicated hosting plans at a very low price, but also covers the entire server maintenance for you - Budget Dedicated hosting, Value Dedicated hosting or Premier Dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Servers Reseller

.The Dedicated Server solutions Resellers Panel offer are a great option for websites that are way beyond the average, and for people that would like full access to the web site hosting environment.